MAC's Educational Outreach

MAC's mission of historic preservation, interpretation and cultural enrichment extends into the classroom and beyond with programs on local history that help teachers satisfy core curriculum standards.

MAC's Museum Education Programs

MAC's educational outreach programs are presented by Museum Educators who are experienced interpreters specially trained to work with students and community groups. MAC's outreach programs in local history are coordinated with many of New Jersey's Core Curriculum Standards, particularly in the areas of Social Studies, Language Arts and the Arts. A detailed correlation of each program with the core curriculum standards is available.

Take the boring out of winter days with these informative weekly sessions offered by MAC's Museum Educators.


Minimum Expense for Maximum Education
MAC's high quality educational outreach programs in local history are available at no or low cost to local schools.  A detailed price list is available.

Benefits of MAC's Educational Programs
MAC is a member of the American Alliance of Museums and follows professional museum standards in all its programming. All tours and exhibits on local history are rigorously researched. MAC has been certified by the New Jersey Department of Education as a professional development provider.

MAC's museums, tours and arts programming can be a valuable teaching tool by:

  • Providing supplementary information on local history and environment of Cape May and its surrounding areas;
  • Providing information on a unique era in American history;
  • Stimulating cognitive and critical thinking skills;
  • Making local history come alive;
  • Providing topics for enrichment activities across the curriculum.
  • Providing NJ Core Contents Standards-based programming, support materials and staff development opportunities.

MAC's public history programs are funded in part by an operating support grant from the New Jersey Historical Commission, in the Department of State. The Cape May Music Festival is funded in part by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts/Department of State.

For specific information and to schedule outreach programs, contact:
Director of Museum Education
Dr. Robert E. Heinly
609-224-6032 or

To schedule a field trip, Sandra Adams:
609-224-6043  or


Your school may be eligible for FREE BUS TRANSPORTATION and DISCOUNTED ADMISSION FEES! To apply, please call 609-224-6049, ask about the tour/event you would like to attend and remember to ask about the Bus and Admission Fund Programs.

The Bus Fund Program is sponsored by the South Jersey Cultural Alliance, with grant funding from the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation. The Admission Fund is a program of the South Jersey Cultural Alliance and is funded by the Horizon Foundation for New Jersey. Both are needs-based program to help schools K-12 school groups unable to afford transportation costs and admission fees to attend a cultural event during the school year.

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