Lunch & Learn Series

Bring a bag lunch and learn during the Lunch and Learn series...

informative talks on popular topics of history, culture, science and the arts.


Feb. 22-Mar. 29

United Methodist Church

635 Washington St.

(Parking in the Acme lot)

12 Noon-1 pm

Free for MAC members and $5 for non-members. Admission includes beverages. 


Jan. 18: Music of the Big Band Era

The overture to this year’s series is a sight and sound presentation of such sentimental favorites as Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, Harry James, Kay Kyser and Jimmy Dorsey.  We’ll focus on the men, their bands, and their music.  Presenter: Rich Chiemingo

January 25: Victorian Inventions and Innovations

 The Victorian Era was, in part, shaped by a dazzling array of new inventions, innovations, and technology.  This power point lecture highlights many of them and how they changed Victorian life.  We’ll also see how all these rapid changes modernized Victorian life but also gave them “future shock.”  Presenter: Alex Breve

Feb. 1: The History & Evolution of Our Political Parties

From the creation of “factions” in the Federal Era through Whigs, Know-Nothings, Populists, Progressives to today’s Democrats and Republicans, we’ll examine how they were created and their beliefs.  We’ll also see how the beliefs of the Democrats and Republicans have shifted over the decades.  You’ll also be introduced to Bull Mooses, Mugwamps, Stalwarts, Free Soilers, and Greenbacks. Presenter: Dr. Robert Heinly

Feb. 8:  From Captain Mey to Today

A Powerpoint based review of Cape May’s rich maritime history including whaling, commercial and recreational fishing, the role of steamboats and sailing ships in its early prosperity, and its role in the World Wars. Presenters: Dottie and Mal Knapp

Feb. 15:  Cape May Oddities

From its founding to today part of the charm of Cape May are the many unique, curious, and bizarre people, places and events that are part of our history and culture.  You’ll meet the Pearl Diver, Old Jumbo, the Fun Factory, the Windmill and exotic style houses all among the oddities that give Cape May its character. Presenter: Dr. Robert Heinly


Feb. 22:   An Afternoon with Gershwin

A sight and sound presentation of the uniquely beautiful music of George Gershwin provides a change of pace from history and politics. Presenter: Rich Chiemingo


March 1: The Victorian Woman:  Life in a Cocoon

While idealized, many Victorian women led sheltered lives.  Their societal roles were both sheltered and stifling like life in a cocoon.  This power point centered presentation describes their lives as wives, mothers, and social directors and its advantages and disadvantages. Presenter:  Mary Stewart

March 8:  The Victorian Woman:  Shedding the Cocoon

By the late Victorian Era pioneering women were shedding their restricted lifestyle and social roles and becoming professionals, businesspersons, and social reformers.  This Powerpoint based presentation highlights these “new women” and their causes and contributions. Presenter: Ginger Killino            


March 15: Victorian Medicine with Dr. Anna Hand

Cape May’s first female physician, a protégé of Dr. Emlen Physick, discusses the state of medicine in the Victorian Era including its many advances and how much more was yet to be achieved. Presenter: Dr. Wilma Korevaar


March 22: Victorian Literature

The Victorian Era featured a wide variety of literature and some of history’s greatest writers.  The focus is on British writers and their social commentary and critiques.  This Powerpoint presentation highlights many of these classic works and their authors. Presenter: Dr. Leonard Smith


March 29: An Afternoon with Sinatra

The finale of this year’s series is a sight and sound presentation of the memorable music of Frank Sinatra by a member of his New York based orchestra.  In addition to highlights of Sinatra’s music, get insights into the man and what it was like to work with him. Presenter: Rich Chiemingo




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