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East Lynne Theater Company (ELTC) is a proven destination for theater lovers who crave the adventure of discovery! By celebrating the American Spirit on Stage through timeless classics and provocative new works, this award-winning Equity professional company provides a portal to the past that provides a better understanding for the present. Founded in 1980, the company is named after a popular 19th century American play.


Shows run Wednesdays through

Saturdays unless otherwise noted.
Location: First Presbyterian Church,

500 Hughes St., Cape May


Sherlock Holmes

Adventure of the

Speckled Band

March 15 & 16: 8pm

 “Mr. Holmes, I am under such a strain that I shall go mad if it continues,” said Enid to Sherlock Holmes. Thus begins a race against time for Holmes and Watson to stop the bizarre murders in an eerie country manor in The Adventure of Speckled Band. Be part of our "radio audience" when we perform this famous mystery with live sound effects and commercials, and actors portraying several roles to make the tale come to life. This radio-style production is based on one of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s personal favorites.


$28 General; $20 Full-time students and military (retired/vet/active); ages 12 and under free



June 12 - July 20 at 8:30pm 
Wednesdays through Saturdays 
Except no show on Thursday, July 4 
BUT there is a show on Sunday, July 7 

 SUMMERLAND is an historical fiction mystery based on real life spirit photographer William H. Mumler (1832-1884).  In 1869, 150 years ago, many, including Mary Todd Lincoln, flocked to his studio to get their pictures taken just to see who also showed up in the photo - that is - who was DEAD who appeared as a ghost in the photo. While a detective is keen to prove he’s a fraud, Mumler’s wife, a clairvoyant, is digging into the detective’s past. 

​Tickets: $35; 30 (ages 65+); $20 students and military (active/retired/veteran); ages 12 and under free



Adapted by Craig Wichman
Based on the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Directed by Gayle Stahlhuth   
Dates/Times: Fridays and Saturdays
October 25, 26 and November 1 and 2 at 8pm

"The question is the sequence of events leading from the rare gem, the Blue Carbuncle, at one end, to the stomach of a goose at the other,” says Sherlock Holmes to Dr. Watson as they begin an investigation that might save an innocent man from prison. 

​Performed in the style of a radio broadcast, complete with live sound effects and commercials, just like the Sherlock Holmes' radio series on NBC that premiered in 1930, the script is based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s story, adapted by Craig Wichman, Founder and Producer of the nationally acclaimed Quicksilver Radio Theater.

Tickets: $28; $20 student & military (retired/vet/active); ages 12 and under free




American classic Christmas stories adapted and performed by Gayle Stahlhuth
Nov. 29 & 30, Dec. 8, 12, 13, 14 at 8pm
Saturday Matinee, Dec. 14 at 2pm  

Gayle Stahlhuth adapted stories by this Pulitzer Prize-winner, and performs them as Calliope Marsh, Gale's wonderfully fictional storyteller who lived in Friendship Village, Wisconsin.  In  “Human,” while at the post office, she discovers that a seven-year-old boy doesn't have the money to visit his mother who’s in a hospital in another town.  In “The Great Tree,” she’s determined to see the tree in the center of town lit with electric lights for Christmas Eve. All of the stories are taken from her books Friendship Village (1908) and Neighborhood Stories (1914).  Gale adapted her novel, Miss Lulu Bett, for the stage, for which she received the Pulitzer Prize in 1921 when it was on Broadway. Stahlhuth has been delighting audiences with her unique one-person holiday shows in Cape May since 2005. This was first performed in Cape May six years ago under the title "Christmas in Wisconsin.​​​"

Tickets: $28; $20 student & military (retired/vet/active); ages 12 and under free



July 24 - August 31 at 8pm
Wednesdays through Saturdays

The Rainmaker, a romantic comedy, was so popular when it opened on Broadway in 1954, that it was translated into thirty languages, turned into a film, and was adapted for the 1964 musical 110 in the Shade. It’s the 1930’s, out West, during the Depression, with no hope of rain in site.  Enter Starbuck, who claims he can make it rain for $100.  There are those who believe he can do it - and those who don’t.  And then there’s Lizzie, who wants so much to believe in anything – especially herself.   

Tickets: $35; $30 (ages 65+); $20 students and military (active/retired/veteran); ages 12 and under free



September 18 - October 12: Wed. - Sat. at 8pm

Murder!  Mayhem!  Madcap fun!  Meet the Brewsters!  Two charming sisters live in the family home in Brooklyn, offering rooms-to-rent, while populating their cellar with the remains of “acceptable” lodgers.  The nephew who lives with them thinks he’s Teddy Roosevelt, another nephew has a criminal record and is on the run, and the third nephew is a Broadway theater critic who is recently engaged to a lovely young woman. 

Tickets: $35; $30 (ages 65+); $20 students and military (active/retired/veteran); ages 12 and under free