For specific information and to schedule outreach programs, contact:
Director of Museum Education 
Melissa Palmer
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To schedule a field trip, contact Sandi Adams:609-224-6043  or

MAC offers living history programs in the classroom and assembly hall, as well as for community groups and senior centers. If you require a more specialized program on the Victorian Era, MAC will try to customize one to fit your needs. MAC encourages schools and districts to plan a series of coordinated experiences for their students for maximum educational impact.

Minimum Expense for Maximum Education
MAC's high quality educational programs are available at no or low cost to local schools.  A detailed price list is available.

  • A Visit with Dr. Emlen Physick: Dr. Physick in costume presents a brief introduction to himself, his family, his estate, Cape May, and the Victorian Era, and answers questions about his personal life and the history and lifestyle of the Victorians. Lots of interaction is encouraged, with students asked to explain modern concepts to the Victorian doctor. 

  • A Visit with the Physick Family: Dr. Physick brings his mother and aunt to pay a call. The ladies provide a window into the world of Victorian women, while the good doctor equally represents the masculine domain of the era.

  • A Visit with John Philip Sousa: A costumed interpreter and expert musician visits your class or band as John Philip Sousa, the Victorian March King.  Sousa tells of his life and music and places an equal emphasis on the value of being a musician. He plays an authentic Victorian Helicon, the ancestor of the Sousaphone and tuba.

  • A Visit with Dr. Anna Hand: Dr. Hand discusses the life and contributions of Cape May’s first female physician and an overview of medical practice and progress during the Victorian era.

  • A Visit from President & Mrs. Benjamin Harrison: Meet the President and First Lady most associated with Cape May and learn about their life and time.

  • A Visit from Queen Victoria & Prince Albert: The Queen and her consort tell you about their life and times.

  • The Temperance Tempest: Dr. Physick moderates a debate over temperance and prohibition between a leader of Cape May’s Women’s Christian Temperance Union and a local saloon owner in Cape May circa 1890s. Extensive audience participation is encouraged.