Phantoms of the Physick Estate

You can also purchase tickets at the Washington Street Mall Information Booth at Ocean Street, or at the Physick Estate at 1048 Washington St. at the Carriage House or the Hill House Office. 


CLICK HERE for Information Booth, Hill House and Carriage House hours of operation. 

For more information,

call 609-884-5404

Phantoms of 
the Physick Estate: 

Fridays, Oct. 18 & 25 and 
Nov. 1: 7:15pm, 8pm, 8:45pm 
Saturdays, Oct. 19 & 26 and Nov. 2: 6:30pm, 7:15pm, 8pm, 8:45pm

In the last years of the 19th century, a demon roamed freely across the streets of Chicago. H. H. Holmes was America’s first serial killer. Now, two new artifacts from this madman have materialized at the Physick Estate, but they bring with them a terrible darkness ... Are you brave enough to face it? Come to what some call the “haunted”  Physick Estate for this immersive theatrical performance that includes scary images, strobe lights and other effects. Audience discretion is advised. Emlen Physick Estate, 1048 Washington St.

$20 adults; $12 children (ages 3-12)

Phantoms of the Physick Estate:

Victorian Spiritualism House Tour


Saturdays, Oct. 19 & 26 and 
Nov. 2: 12:30pm, 1:45pm, 3pm

Victorians were fascinated by Spiritualism and the occult. Visit the “haunted” Physick Estate and learn from your guide about this Victorian obsession. You will even hear an electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) that 21st century technology has captured within these walls, and understand why they are reputed to host more than the living. Appropriate for all ages. Emlen Physick Estate, 1048 Washington St.


$15 adults; $8 children (ages 3-12)