It really is Spring

March 25, 2017


At last! It’s official. I put my boots away. I swear if it gets cold or snowy again, I’ll go barefoot before I’ll take those boots out of the closet.

Never have I so much looked forward to spring. I probably mentioned that, as a New Englander, I used to hate spring because it wasn’t the picture postcard version that everyone imagines, with green grass and flowers and birds singing. No, spring meant mud to those of us living on dirt roads. Gummy mud and ruts that would freeze overnight and jar your fillings loose the next morning.


But winter is gone, so let the spring games begin. Here at the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts & Humanities (MAC) in Cape May, it means Spring Celebration, April 28 through May 7 this year. I do all the design work at MAC, for our brochures and other print products, and I remember looking for an appropriately springy picture back in December when the temperature started to plummet. But I think it will all come true for our Spring Celebration.


I think Spring Celebration is so popular with our visitors and local residents because it’s a chance to put winter behind us and get out and enjoy ourselves, something we’ve truly earned. This is one of the reasons we go all out to provide things to do and see. It will be good to see the period rooms of our Victorian house museum, the Physick House, entertaining visitors once more, and happy folks enjoying afternoon tea or lunch beneath the patio tent at the Carriage House Café & Tearoom.


You can take a house tour, or leave the driving to us and hop aboard one of the trolleys for a variety of tours, including the ones that let you meet Cape May’s former residents, with us now only in spirit, so to speak. 


We have an interesting trolley tour developed just a couple of year ago, called Cape May Time Capsule, which transports you to Cape May of another time, and you’ll meet some interesting residents along the way on this interactive tour.


Of course, what would spring (or summer, fall or winter) be without chocolate? There is no right or wrong season for chocolate, in my book. You'll have two opportunities, with a Chocolate Lover's Feast at the Blue Rose and a Chocolate Tasting Tour, visiting some of our charming properties and tasting chocolate. Sounds like a perfect combo to me.  


There are  Murder Mystery Dinners which are always a favorite for Cape May visitors and our friend John Alvarez has come up with an entertaining twist to "Marriage & Other Crimes."


So, there is plenty to do or, if you prefer, just come and enjoy a rejuvenating spring day on the grounds of the estate and do a little shopping or get a to-go lunch and enjoy it at one of our picnic tables..