Post Toasties

May 2, 2017

Manufactured by Post Foods


In the latter 19th century, revolutions in industrializing, merchandising, advertising, and consuming forever changed how people shopped. It changed everyday life for Americans, even the food they at


e. Prior to this revolution, breakfast would consist of a heavy, cooked meal.  However, now people could buy ready-to-eat meals like cereals.


C.W. Post started his company in 1895 at Battle Creek, Michigan with a product called Postum, a coffee substitute. The first breakfast cereal made by the company was Grape – Nuts in 1897. Over the years, Post has made over 120 different types of cereal.   


Post Toasties originally were sold in 1904 as Elijah’s Manna. They were simply toasted corn flakes. Religious groups objected to the use of Elijah as a cereal mascot. The religious backlash began to effect sales until, in 1908, Post renamed the cereal Post Toasties.



This object is featured in our 2017 tour theme, “Let’s Go Shopping! Victorian Consumer Culture.” To learn more about this and other objects, please join a tour of the Emlen Physick Estate.





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