Hide the can

September 10, 2019


Condensed Milk Can Holder

 c. 1885



The middle of the 1800s saw the proliferation of larger cities in the United States. Dense populations in small areas created problems with provisions. Items such as milk were in high demand but hard to keep fresh. To address this need, Gail Borden, a New York newspaper publisher, invented condensed milk. It had a much longer shelf life and took less storage space than fresh milk.


In the minds of Victorians, having an unsightly condensed milk can on one’s table was completely unacceptable. The solution was to create an elaborate dish to house the milk can. A small ladle was utilized to dispense the milk. There is a small hole on the bottom of the dish for lifting out and replacing the milk can.


Look for the condensed milk can holder on the table in the Dining Room